Thursday, April 11, 2013

Things I've Seen Thursday

Spring jumps straight to summer...

My immediate world is consumed with two things only.
School & the multitude of blossoms that have appeared.
The entire DC Basin is looking up, gazing at the trees in their "Peak Bloom" with colors of white, light purple, magenta, light pink, greens, and yellows.
I pause briefly under trees to breathe in the sweet freshness that their flowers create as they signal to the many big bumble bees "I am here, take what you will."
I am sorry, my dear friends and family in Alaska... but you will not want to hear this next bit...
It is 90F today. And it is glorious. Scary, because I know this is just the beginning of the extreme heat that the DC area experiences... but it is very nice to be somewhere warm in April.

Below is a big long album of Things I've Seen while out on my daily walks.

Enjoy the blooms...

This is a dream picture for me... VW van and the blooms!

GIANT bumble bees!!

Carpets made of petals...

Love & LIGHT!