Monday, May 13, 2013

AMGT Spring 2013: In Doodles

I finished my finals.
Done with the first semester of graduate school... whew!
That was fun/difficult/inspiring/challenging/enlightening... all the things always!
Let's do more in a few weeks! Summer school, aw yeah.
Thank you to my friends and family for the support that you have all shown. I appreciate it :)

Management... It has been quite the shift for me... not just physically... to recognize that there is work for me to do off stage. Acting has been a HUGE part of my life for way over ten years. I am working to see that this is a progression and not a different path all together. My life acting and my life in arts management can and will live together, they cannot be separated. This I must believe :)

Now I am cleaning up the wreck that comes with the end of the semester, putting away the notebooks, cleaning out the binders, prepping to welcome another onslaught of school work that I volunteered for.

In my program I recognize how many artists are involved in this choice as well... most of us start with the art and never let it go...
One thing about being back in school that I greatly missed is DOODLING. I forgot that I used to doodle and draw every. single. day. and that it was a simple and small outlet for creative energy that I have really really missed! I have embraced my doodling and decided to save them all from this semester. I swear it helps me concentrate in class.

The following is titles  "Masters in Arts Management, Spring Semester 2013: In Doodles."