Friday, May 30, 2014

The Happenings

Girl, it has been a while!

Really, it's time to play catch up. There is a lot going on! For me it is a lot of hard work paying off and so much planning that is all coming to fruition.

The internship in Edinburgh was fantastic. Not only did I learn a lot from a cool theatre company (see my previous blog from January) but I met some amazing people. I wasn't fully prepared for their warm generosity of spirit, but there it was.

Back to the US:
I returned to Houston from Scotland early April, went to Napa to see the Folks, flew back to Arlington Virginia to attend a dear friend's wedding and stuck around in VA to present my Capstone project (Comparing performing arts philanthropy in US and Scotland). Once more back to Houston to pack for the next big step!

Traveled BACK to Arlington (keeping up with all this?) this time with my family to walk across the stage at Graduation. I cannot tell you how lovely it was that my family took the time to come support me during that weekend, their constant support for this educational process has touched my heart.
When they left VA, I stayed for a bit...

Performing Arts Management in the UK:
Even though I walked at graduation in mid May, I truly have one summer class left in order to graduate. Two weeks in Arlington studying then three weeks in London meeting with arts managers in lovely theaters museums dance organizations and music halls! We get to pick their brains and see a lot off great performances! I am thrilled to be boarding a plane for this portion of The Plan in a few hours :) while in VA I have gotten to see my dear friends here one last time before I truly settle in to a life in Texas.

John is meeting me in The UK, we will be traveling there for a bit and I am very excited to show him the Edinburgh I love. When we come back to the states we Immediatly flew to.... Jill Harding's wedding on St. John's in the US Virgin Islands. I have never been before and I am stoked to get to continue one of my true passions, scuba diving.

After all of that adventure, John and I get to go back to Texas, this time... together. We are both very ready for this long-distance marriage to become a live-in see-you-everyday finally-together-again marriage.

So guys, that's the haps. If it looks like I'm here then there then wtf is happening and where... Now you know. And by the way... I miss my Alaska Family, I'm thinking about you all in the smokey north  and hoping for rain.

Love and light and too many flights,

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