Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Week of Joyous Announcements! (Part 1 of 2)

Une Semaine de Joyeuses Annonces!

My family is very important to me. We are big, we are loud, we are spread out, we bicker, there are segments, we are proud, we love, we love to laugh, and we are resilient... And this week we grew in numbers! I have two sisters, two brothers, and now I have 5 (FIVE!) beautiful nephews!

Welcome to this crazy and beautiful family 
Finnegan Walter!

On Thursday I had the privilege of helping my Sissy and my Brosef-in-law while they had their second son. We woke up early, the three of us drove to the hospital, placed bets on the length and weight of the baby (Brosef won. Surprisingly big baby), we read the children's Sun Signs by Linda Goodman (oldie but a classic for Sissy and me), and I did my best to be the supportive sister/aunt. They wheeled Sissy and Brosef away and when they came back to the room they brought with them a football shaped little stranger, perfect in every way. There was crying when I heard his name. First name Finnegan. Middle name Walter. <3
My sissy was amazing. Brosef was patient and kind. They were both strong and beautiful throughout the next three days. I stayed with them as much as I could and gave an extra set of hands and distraction where ever needed. In the mean time...this baby and I bonded.

I have five nephews. I have babysat MAYBE three times in my life. I am NOT well versed in 'Child'. Though many times throughout each day I may ACT like a child, I have never been comfortable around them. They cry, they are irrational, there is no logic to the things they do, they cannot always be consoled, they shit in their pants.... needless to say- they (usually) FREAK ME OUT.
Surprisingly... not this one.
This little boy has taught me about the scary unknowns of children. He doesn't freak me out. I want to give him all of the attention. All of those little micro-expressions? ADORABLE and hilarious. Crying? I do not run for the door. I am a proud Aunt Sissy.
Congratulations to my beautiful Sissy and my patient Brosef.

One thing about moving out of the NW... I will be far away from my ever growing nephews Chancellor, Rhys, and Trentan... Logan and Finn. I hope it is not too late with them. I would love to be able to tell silly stories to each of them about funny things they did as little kids like my Aunties and Uncles do with my brothers and sisters. Thank goodness for Skype.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that you get to enjoy the festivities with family, friends, chosen family, or if a day of quiet is your thing- rejoice.

(My nephews big feet! NOT MY baby! :D)

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