Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Obligatory Introductions- Constant Transition

Everyone is doing it. Why not me? 

About Meeeeeee:
29, third gen Alaskan, living constantly in transition, recently married, no plans for children (or pets, or plants) in the very near future... Madly in love theatre, with creating. Producing in every form. Examining color. EATING. Traveling...and also eating. Caffeine, Pinterest, FB, and gmail addict... And someday I will get three stars on every level of 'Angry Birds Space'.

I spoke with someone recently that was shocked by the constant state of transition John and I have developed over the last few years.
Graduating, being on the road, getting engaged, moving, unemployment, moving again, married, more moving...
It feels like forever since I have been able to say-
"This is where I plan to be for the next year.... or more"
I have had to adapt quickly to only living today, planning tomorrow, and hoping for next week.
I love to plan everything well in advance and it has been humbling and quieting to just BE HERE. RIGHT NOW. ONLY NOW. Transition is what I DO... always.. for now.


The Big Drive & SE Asia
In August 2010 I graduated with a BA in Theatre (minor in Art) From the University of Alaska Fairbanks. One month later my future husband and I began a journey that would mark the beginning of our next life phase. We call it "The Big Drive".

I packed up my car (aka Fancy), put my life in boxes (and in my moms storage locker), and on the first day of snow set off on a solo one way trip to Virginia. After spending nearly a month with my sister-love Trista in a sleepy VA town my love John flew in to join us.

John and I then spent the next 3 1/2 months transversing the continent. VA-TX-ID-TX-VA-TX and everything in between.

Let me tell you the secrets to examining compatibility-
Spend 3 1/2 months together in a Honda.
Drive 27,000+ miles through all weather conditions.
Sleep in the car a couple of times.
Throw in a few life-threatening experiences.
= Break up or Stay together forever*
*One of these things is bound to happen after The Big Drive.

John and I left Fancy at his fathers farm in N. Texas and boarded a plane for New York City.
I had graduate school auditions, John had a big number birthday to celebrate.
I got turned down for grad school, he got older. Needless to say we had a blast.

We then boarded another plane- this one for SE Asia!
Together John and I trekked through Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos.
We met amazing people, saw beautiful and tragic things, ate, ate, ate... delicious.
By the way- I took a cooking course in Thailand. Everything I make in the kitchen is now informed by the simple knowledge from that course. Be warned.

After 4 countries, something like 32 states, 27,000 road miles, and 6 1/2 months it was time to see another Alaskan summer. We joyfully returned to the Land of the Midnight Sun just in time for spring.

In August 2011 John proposed. I said yes. It was the best trip we have ever taken. We refer to this trip as "The Best Week Ever".

October 2011 we packed up everything. This time it was for good. After 28 years I was finally moving out of Alaska to see what all the fuss was about.
What do you mean it doesn't have to be -50F? What? Dresses in the winter? Crazy talk I say!
I flew to Texas to pick up Fancy and brave a solo drive following California Coast Highway 1. This road is full of beauty and hairpin turns. Someday the California coast will be my home.

I arrived in Seattle, we found a tiny old apartment, settled in. For a second.
After a momentous trip to Europe with friends we moved AGAIN. This time over to Lake Washington to caretake a new house of my fathers. It is tranquil and has a kitchen that I spend most of my time experimenting in. I have an art room. We do not leave much. I am happy.

We got married on August 18th 2012 in Girdwood AK with all of our friends and family present. I tear up just thinking about how much love and fun was in that room. More on this later maybe.


The days following Thanksgiving I will be in Houston looking for housing...
because at the beginning of December John and I are once again on the move.

...Moving to Houston Texas!!

No matter how much I plan or prepare there is always transition coming, always change.
This has changed my ideas about the permanence of anything including owning things, plans, circumstances, paychecks etc.
I hope that in Houston I can settle in for enough time to connect to a community.
That is what I miss most about my home town... community, a sense of belonging, sharing my creations, exploring creative outlets within the community.

But for now... constant transition.
Back on the road.

Jenny Schlo-Hard


  1. Sounds a lot like the Cory Rogers' last 7 years or so! I left a job of 25 years, a town of over 30 years and a house of 14 years and then proceeded to be on a mad whirl of travel and migration ever since. I know you can do it!
    Best to you on your move.

  2. Beautiful post lovely!! Many more to come I hope...I think you'll write beautiful (and inspiring) statements about transitions. xoxo anna