Friday, March 1, 2013

Walk, Run, Red Face... 30!

By night I am a super hero. We all know this.
By day... 
By day I walk peoples precious pets so the furry ones can relieve themselves and be calmed with human interaction during the stressful hours their beloved owner/parent/partners are away.
Like the mailperson- "Rain or shine, snow or sleet, I walk your dog." Or something like that. Yeah, I pick up shit for a living. It's fine.

I feel really connected to the weather and progress of seasons in my job as I am outside all day. The weather has had some lame effects on my skin, but being outside and using my body for a significant portion of my day has been fantastic for my mind and body. I get to release my brain from school work as I tour the neighborhoods of Arlington with (usually) pretty cool dogs. I have gotten to really love a few of the dogs and I'd say I am pretty well versed on the N. Virginia style of architecture by now. 

Besides dreaming about Mr. Dear and my future travels, I have decided to make these walks with pups into a very serious daily workout routine. I mean, THIS GIRL turned 30 (!) two weeks ago. Time to get serious about the way I feel about my body and the health of my future self, dude. 
I got shit to do and things to live (well) for!

Suck it, Jillian Michaels!
Anyone who knows how much I like secretscupcake and how much I despise embarrassing myself by running (First rule of cupcake... don't talk about cupcake. Second rule of cupcake...) will be a little surprised by this next bit-
The last three days of my dog walks- I have run .5-.75 miles.
I have also been doing way more crunches and sit ups per day than I have since                                                                                 my back/spine exploded in my mid-twenties. May not seem like to anyone, but I am sure proud of myself. 
Suck it, aging process!

This MAY not seem like much to you awful people who think working out is second nature and that the human body was made to run. SCREW YOU!! I mean... I AM SO PROUD OF YOUR 3,012 mile RUN! GO EAT 12 SECRETCUPCAKES!

But really, the hardest part isn't the starting... it is the continuing. I will try to try to continue this workout endeavor. My friend Sam and her related love of notsosecret cupcake... and her hate of Jillian Michaels has helped inspire me to do whatever it is that I can do. (read her awesome blog)

Walk, Look. Pick up poop, Look elsewhere.
I see a lot of cool little things when I am out walking. Between the running, there is MUCH walking. Fascination of February on the Eastern Seaboard? Flowers blooming. Not like home. The following I like to think of as 'Simple Things I Seen...'

a million staples in an electric pole
little blue flowers the size of a pencil eraser

old figs that look nasty

peek-a-boo... this was early Feb... now they are almost blooming!

eye see you...
these are delightful... and they cover entire lawns

cherry blossoms, with tips of color!! SOON!

reminded my of mini forgetmenots

Gnomie chillin between two trees... almost forgotten

I think Alice could fall through there...

a tiny shed, about the size of a king size bed


love this half-face planter

*Modest Mouse, JJ Cale, and Orchestra of The Ages, Noah and the Whale


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  1. Some people go into teaching for the satisfaction that comes from educating small children. Me? I went into teaching for birthday cupcakes. No other reason. When I became a behavior specialist, it was awesome because having an administrative role means that everybody gives you cupcakes... all the time. One time a kid tried to give me a 'birthday cookie'. He became my least favorite child. Thanks for the shout out Jenny! Keep walking those dogs man! You got this!