Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ketchup and The Future

I have not written since June. What a slacker!
A lot has happened since that time;

  • Summer school, including a class in Brazil...
  • A Trip to Alaska to see my friends and family, and to help celebrate a besties wedding,
  • A Trip to Texas to celebrate John Darling and my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY (that was nice :D)
  • Multiple visits from John Darling here in VA... the spontaneity of some of the visits!
  • Work at Center for the Arts as hospitality and artists services!

...And now I am finishing up the Fall semester, preparing to leave Virginia and head back the way I came. I am getting sad already knowing I will be leaving some amazing people here in Virginia, people who have opened their hearts and let me in... knowing full well that I am a bit crazy and a bit unusual, they have been so kind and accepting. There are friendships here that I will definitely miss a lot. Thank jeebus for Facebook.

The end is in sight. The train that brings me to the end is starting to roll on the tracks and I can only continue to check things off my 'to-do' list and hope that I have planned accordingly.

Here is the Master Plan...

  1. Finish the fall semester (if it doesn't kill me first)
  2. Jo Mamma comes to VA
  3. We pack all my stuff (and sell most of it!)
  4. Jo Mamma and I drive to Texas for Christmas with the Inlaws
  5. Celebrate New Years with John Darling
  6. Take off for Edinburgh... start internship with the Royal Lyceum Theatre!
  7. May 17th GRADUATE with a Masters in Arts Management
  8. Participate in one last course that travels to London...
  9. End of June- Forever..... move BACK IN WITH MY HUSBAND FOR GOOD!!!!!!
  10. Find a job and rule the world.

But right now?? Work calls. Off to work the Shanghai Ballet tonight!

Love & Light

Ps. One of my besties is pregnant. I will be an Auntie again :) I am so excited for the Maples! Check out her blog, Maple & Me, and see how she and Mr. Maple live life in the frozen north...

AND check out the inspired beauty of intentional living with my other Besties blog, Bunchberry Farm ! Her words are inspirational and endearing...

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