Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Schlo Mama Road Trip: Part 1

I moved out of Virginia today. 
To my friends that have welcomed me in VA, Thank you for your beautiful and creative support. This past year has been a time of huge growth in my life and sharing it with you and growing together is rewarding and humbling. VA and AMGT peeps, I miss you already and I hope to see you next May at graduation (or the UK Course!!)

*ROAD TRIP: Part 1*
Arlington, DC, Alexandria, Tennessee 

We packed and loaded the car all day yesterday and hit the road early this morning. We made it to Cookeville TN, tomorrow we visit the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. 

Seeing GMU Arlington

Alexandria for oysters

Alexandria crystal player, amazing tones

Iwo Jima memorial

Arlington National Cemetery 

The National Tree in front of the White House

White House!

Smithsonian National Gallery 

My mother. She needed to erase something.

Uh... I don't think this guy feels very well...
Smithsonian Natural History Museum

Wine tasting stop #1: Narmada Vineyard

Wine tasting stop #3: Pearmund Vineyard
And in this one we are showing off our wine stained teeth, 
an offering to the wine gods.
You can't see #2. 

In which my car, Fancy Grace Manners, gets attacked by a carwash.

In which we visit GMU Fairfax main campus, 
that is George Mason leering over my shoulder.

We got to Tennessee!

In which we learn more about TN BBQ. And Sharpie walls.

So far we have been having a wonderful time :)

I am so very excited to get back to Houston to see John Darling.

Love & Light

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