Friday, December 20, 2013

Schlo Mama Road Trip: Part 3

Day 3 of 3.
We made it to Houston!
Woke up in Hattiesburg, lunched in Beaux Bridge, ended the day in Houston with the love of my life.
After a year away from my husband and three full days on the road with MamaSchlo, all I wanted to do was cook a delicious dinner to share with my favorite people to celebrate this period of transition.

Part 3*
Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas

Lunch at the Boudin Store & Cajun Mart in Beaux Bridge LA
Crawdad etouffee, crawdad poboy, pork boudin balls.

Crossing the border from LA to TX 
Blue Elbow Swamp

Blue Elbow Swamp
Welcome to Texas!

Guess who is NOT the biggest fan of legless/armless slitherin creatures?

Made it to Houston.
Enjoying "Wedding Wine", 
Young's Barbera 2005
one of the three last bottles from the wedding.

Tonight Momma Schlo and I made a delicious dinner of chicken on 
salad and stuffed dates with blackberry balsamic reduction,
quite a common thing in my kitchen.
For dessert I made cookie cups with sweet cream filling 
and a blackberry topper, as seen above. 
BTW they were all amazeballs.

My mom and I had been talking about doing a road trip together for a long time. Iam glad we finally did. We didn't kill each other, we have had a wonderful time. What a kind and open person, always ready to try to make my anxiety less by consoling me or to lend a hand to anyone she meets. She is an angel. Thanks Mom, for being so patient and kind.

I am glad to be back in Texas, reunited with my husband even if only for 5 days. I cannot get enough of him, I am smitten. 

We unloaded my car and all of my worldly possessions are once again in one place. Whew. Now to celebrate the holidays and spend a few rummaging around in my boxes finding JUST the right things to take to Scotland...

Love & Light

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