Friday, January 18, 2013

Bacon and Art Attacks.

The chill outside has been a welcome one, reminding me that seasons are natural markers... lamp-posts, signifiers of constant movement. I am lucky to have a warm place to sleep, my favorite blanket to keep me warm, and the love and curiosity of my friends and family.

Yesterday I finally felt some forward movement in a few specific ways... and I got excited about MLKjr Day! 

1. I am walking canine companions during the day, making sure they are well taken care of while we stroll the beautiful neighborhoods of Arlington. Seems like a pretty good deal... I get to be around some new furry friends and work with them while keeping physically active during the day!

2. Orientation at GMU reconfirmed my belief... I AM doing the right thing! I AM doing what is best for me AND my husband! HooooRaaaaaay!
People that want to make art*, support art, that work with art, that are surrounded by people and companies that support and create art and and and artartartartaratratratratratrtsahrt..... 

whoa. Sorry. ART ATTACK. 

3. Also, I am going to the 2nd Inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama in Washington DC on Monday.
My favorite fractures saying comes to mind- "If not you then who? If not now then when?" 

*art of all sorts, mind you.

And now for pretty pictures of tonights delicious low/no carb meal pre-oven, focusing on bright fresh flavors and simple ingredients.


Dill... lots of dill :)

Atlantic salmon, rolled up with sautéed spinach and feta cheese.
I placed two thin slices of lemon under the roll 
and topped it with a handful of chopped dill (not pictured)!

Leek, sweet onion, yellow squash, garlic,
orange pepper, bit o ginger, and dill (not pictured)... roast it!

Love each other, 
And if you can... tell your mother you love her.

ps. A picture of bacon. Bacon is not on the menu tonight, but it is beautiful and delicious. Bacon.

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