Monday, January 7, 2013

Unpacking, History, and Hamlet

Unpacking, again. 
Each time I unpack a box of goodies I am reminded of all of the reasons why I keep these things... the memories attached to them, the people associated, the reflection of my individual tastes, momentos from those that care. You have all been on my mind!
I brought to Arlington only the things I could not do without and those that express who I am today. Guitar, espresso machine, pictures and paintings, basic jewelry sets and supplies, computer... And my giant stuffed frog. (No way I was about to leave Oliver. I picked him up when I moved to Seattle the first time... a 19yo babe. Or baby.)
Yesterday I took a break from unpacking and sorting out life on the big East Coast. I met up with Sista Trista and Mr. Lou and the Gang in DC. We strolled through history, found Fellow Fairbanks Friends, and perused the natural wonders of the world at the Smithsonian. We had a wonderful time reconnecting and enjoying the nations capital.

Steeped in history. Now I want historical tea.
While on public transport I always see those people with ear buds in supposedly listening to an amazzzzing life soundtrack. I joined in. I plugged my headphones into my ear holes and suddenly my life was a movie. Moments like this make me pretend I am in Thoroughly Modern Millie (
I went to our meeting spot, the Reflecting Pool, especially early so that I could sit with the newness of this new major life choice and let the music sweep me through the deep and rich history of the very spot I was standing.
She&Him radio on Pandora is getting this 'Girl in the Big City' job done.

I strolled past the National Monument, gandered at the Veterans Memorial, slowly crept up the Reflecting Pool's side to encounter the pale giant Mr. Lincoln. The love of my life was in my head and heart the entire way but I knew that this journey- physical and metaphorical- alone will be worth the effort for both of us.
National Monument behind a chain-link

Reflecting at the Reflecting Pool

Can you imagine attending a rally here in the 60s?

Hello, sir. I hear you're pretty good at 
slaying Fangers...

Surrounded by Shakespeare and Watercolors
My new room is robin-egg-blue. It is pretty.
I have been inspired to put up all of the water colors that were made in Seattle...

These are all little bits of paper with paint and
quotes from Shakespeare's plays.

Hamlet, Gertrude discusses Ophelia's watery end.

The Tempest

Put into one.

Hamlet must have been on my mind recently.
This is a skull in the Museum of Natural History, 
there were many skulls on display and all I could think 
was that Hamlet would have a field day in that room.

Love each other,

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  1. So great! Take in a lot of it for the rest of you sweetie...xoxo