Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sweet Puff Clouds

This evening between writing my first Grad School papers and reading piles of books I took a little time out to celebrate my glorious husbands birthday and make what I will call Sweet Puff Clouds, otherwise known as simple merengue drops.

Though he may be far away, I dedicate these little pillows of zero sugar delights to him. And to procrastination. Any excuse really to not read more Dewey (!) Happy Birthday my sweet weirdo!

Here is the thing about these little air bebes. There isn't much taste to em. They are kind of just a novelty. BUT if you had, say, a tiny bit of lavender to put into the mix or a drop of vanilla  or coconut flakes or real sugar and topped it with berries... That would be great. But that isn't for me because I am going sans sugar. This little bebe is just to spice up my imagination and get a little variety into the textures of my life.

I made two batches- the first was awwwwwful because I used WAY too much fake sugar. Lesson learned.

2 eggs whites, room temperature
1/2t Cream of Tartar
1/2 packet Splenda or similar sweetener (NO aspartame!! NO!)
dash of cinnamon

set oven to Bake 300*

Before you begin here are some basic tips about making any merengue- use a glass mixing bowl, not metal. Let NO NO NO moisture into this mix. Wash and dry your mixing bowl thoroughly. Also no oils of any kind, as in wipe down your bowl on the inside with a paper towel to remove any accidental finger prints- water and oil will deflate your merengue.

With a hand mixer on medium setting- beat the egg whites until very frothy, add tartar, sugar, cinnamon, turn up mixer to med/high until creamy looking. Do not go over board here. Just until you get soft peaks, not super hard peaks.

On parchment paper covered cookie sheet- drop dollops of whatever size or shape you want. Do not over work the puff. 

Put in oven until the tops are nice and goldeny brown.
Eat warm or not. Up to you. 

from the first batch, nasty taste

second batch, much better

inside a cloud 
Love & Sweet Clouds,

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