Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2,760 miles?

 The journey begins.

We leave Seattle on our 2,760 mile voyage on a day full of North West sunshine. The Olympic mountains have come out from behind their cloudy veil to see us off, stunning in their majesty. It is a good day for adventure.

John Darling and I have a set of steps we take when prepping for a road trip... And man we have road tripped.

First we vacuum and wash Fancy Grace Manners. My Honda CRV is the third character in our ramblings, the only thing I own... And I love her. She always deserves a little sprucing up before hitting the road. 
Pack the car, set the route on the full sized paperback Almanac, get a full tank, reset the odometer, get on the freeway. My navigator John Darling strikes up the tunes. 
The soundtrack for the beginning of this trip:

-New Riders of the Purple Sage "Last Lonely Eagle"
-Ray Wylie Hubbard "Screw you, we're from Texas"
-Hank Williams jr "Texas women"
-String Cheese Incident "Texas"
- Smooth Money Gesture "the Road"
-Willie Nelson "on the road again"
- Willie Nelson "momma don't let your baby grow up to be cowboys"
Great start.

We stop in Portland for lunch and to drop off a few extra things for Dipity. A gourmet cafeteria with macarons and egg nog creme brûlée? Don't mind if I do! Such extravagances on the trip already! Peanut butter sandwiches are the usual Harding road trip fare, with many a Haribo Gummy bear and bags of sour patch kids for me, Reese's king cups for John Darling. Sweet toothed food lovers in this car.

Have you seen the green fields nestled into the hills in Oregon? They are a shade of green only to be described as ....SUPER GREEN! Eloquent, I know.
It is like they don't know it is December down here! So. Much. Beauty.
And cows. And sheep. And horses.

So long Seattle, and thanks for all the fish!

Xo Love and light

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  1. thought i sensed your presence today. :) where did you eat in Portland? I am a sucker for a creme brulee.

    Damn, so sorry I missed your brief stint as a PAC northwesterner. Best of luck Schlo Hard and Happy Trails!