Sunday, December 16, 2012


This is the first year that I will not be traveling over Christmas time. In like forever. Or at least since I was 10. People decorate their houses for SolstiFestiChristmaKwanziHanuHolidays and I for one am not going to let this opportunity pass me by.
I found the small 16" fake tree we got at a dollar store last year and the little round ornaments that adorn the plastic branches. Game on.

Cannot afford to buy garland? Pish. 
Will not tolerate a real tree? Posh. 
Have way too much arts/crafts crap in way too many boxes piled up in the house? PERFECT!
Here is a good idea- DON'T unpack, just rip into those boxes and pull out only the things needed to wrap the house in Holiday Cheer!

So it began with just a few craft ornaments, maybe three or four... but it quickly progressed into eight, nine... it wouldn't stop. The soreness of my hands from cutting stacks of deco paper into small strips would not deter me, oh no, from making more rounded nautilus shaped hanging baubles. Feathers, glue, beads, oh MY! WhatWHAT?? You think that's ENOUGH? That our house has become a bauble debacle?? No no NO say I! It has become Festive, Colorful, Spirited even!
Make snowflakes from white paper like we did back-in-the-day!
Curl construction paper into awesome things and tape them to the wall! YES!

So maybe I went a little over board.
16 of these little round suckers ended up being taped to the wall. My hands want to make more. MORE! (Bwahahahahaa)

Maybe I will get to unpacking (and re-packing) instead...

Happy Festivus everyone.
Please be kind to each other.
Hug, hold hands, speak warmly...
This has been a rough week, let's put out loving thoughts and do something small each day to show others that they are loved and appreciated. Small things really do make a big difference. 

Love and Light my dears, 

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