Saturday, December 1, 2012

If you climb into a saddle...

Happy December my dears,

Ever wanted to be a cowboy?
Want to live with 129 taqueria trucks in a one block radius?
... with a short(ish) drive to Austin?
Well then it is time to put yer big girl panties on and saddle up. Texas here we come. 

On living situations:
The movers come on Monday. 
We leave Seattle for Houston on Wednesday. 
I LOVE the NW, I love the green, the coffee, I love the fresh everything, I love the... aw shit. I love the rain. Sometimes. I love being near a part of my family that I have always wanted to be closer to... but off to the next adventure!

We recently arrived back in Seattle after house-hunting in Houston for a week. I had never been to Houston before this accommodation adventure occurred. We found that in Houston you can literally cross a set of railroad tracks and find houses with more boards on windows than there are cracks on a sidewalk. There also happen to be a couple of cracks on the sidewalks too. Anyway, we found our boundaries and localized a rental house that will do just fine, thank you! There are roses growing in the front yard... in December. Yes and please!

On Size:
I have been to my fair share of truck stops.
Mom and Pops, credit card only, old timey, pump your own, no pump your own, Flying J's, Love's, Chevron's, and No-Namers... but I have NEVER been anywhere like Buckee's.

This Wal-Mart sized gas station/hunting supply store/bbq stop/slurpee station on Route 71 is home to 47 gas pumps. It has its own brand of meat smokers (5 sizes), honey, popcorn, chips, soda, chutney, even pickles and pie fillings. What impressed me the most wasn't the apartment sized restroom stalls (30 of them. All clean.) and it wasn't even the mechanical saloon keeper behind bars that would greet you on the way INTO the restrooms...

What impressed me was the brightly lit mile of varied home-made jerkys.
Feast your eyes on this beauty...

All I could think was "Welcome to Texas."

On Two-stepping:
Our friends the Carper Family entertained the crowds of Austin with their swingin honky tonk and soulful country music.
Look em up. They are worth a listen.
The Carper Family consists of Daddy (Melissa Carper), Mamma (Beth Chrisman), and Little Sister (Jenn Miori). The musical stylings of this dear family is reminiscent of a trio of angels of the south. I kid you not. The Andrew sisters of the south with cowgirl boots and honkey tonk. They make me REALLY happy to spend a little time in the Republic of Texas! Two-stepping with the dear Silver Fox to the music of these ladies sure does make the heart start whistlin' dixie.

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On cowboys:

Apparently mine too, Pam. Mine too.

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  1. A rootin' tootin post thar Jenny.
    That truck stop sounds crazee!
    I know you'll have a great life wherever you are with that man.
    ...and yes, sunshine is nice.