Friday, December 21, 2012

To the Moon, John! To the Moon!

Happy Solstice! 
What a wonderful day to ponder the enormity of a harmonious systematic universe.

Anyone who knew me as a child may remember that from the time I was five years old until middle school I wanted to be an Astronomer... I wanted to look up into the sky and ponder the big questions...
'What IS that little light over there?? And that one?? Have all of the craters in the moon been named? I could do that job... I could name stars! WHAT DO YOU MEEEAN SPACE CAMP?!?! YES!!'

I finally realized that astronomy involved heavy mathematical skills. I got over that career objective really fast.

I may not have followed that particular dream, but I am still deeply thrilled excited by all things cosmos and the history of space exploration. Today was one giant leap for my inner child. John Darling took me to the Johnson Space Center, commonly referred to as "Houston, we have a problem."

After exploring space we headed south to Galveston and the Gulf of Mexico for sunset. 
Along with some BBQ, we had the perfect day together.

                                                 Mission Control!


 A space suit in the testing area


  Historic spacesuit                                                                               

Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins, first mission to land on the Moon

Two man space capsule

This is the sound stage where they filmed the moon landing...

Where they keep the moon during the day

Original Dalek design??! 
Or burners from space shuttles


This is what the future of NASA looks like-
the newest design for 
the Mars Rover Orion mission (above) 
including robot companion (below) 
...the robot is the one on the left.


Gulf of Mexico

Pleasure Pier

Pleasure Pier Boardwalk

It was a very good solstice.

Love and MORE light,

ps. The photos are published a little wonky. Deal with it :)

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  1. I love this blog entry!! Yay for your inner child! (Don't worry about your photos being all wonky - mine publish weird all the time.) xoxo!