Sunday, December 23, 2012

Gourmet of the Month- Woot!

My dearest friend Maple & Me over at has inspired me to share the delight that can come with opening ones mailbox. Check her out. She is a gift to this world.

When John Darling proposed we were at Salmonstock 2012 in Ninilchik AK with lots of wonderful friends. Specifically we were there with our fantastic friends Cody and Hayley. John proposed, we all celebrated, the they took us in for a few more days to their home in Homer AK. They took us out on the boat to catch halibut... and ended up splurging on an engagement dinner like no other.
We went to Halibut Cove to an exclusive little restaurant that clung to a rock, on stilts above the salty water. Pelicans, suspended boardwalks, artisans, and tasty local gourmet noms. It was one of the most wonderful evenings shared with delightful people.

As a wedding gift they enrolled us in a continuing tasty treat- Gourmet of the Month Club!!!!
Each month sends us two-three seasonal (usually organic) goodies with a theme.

I use each months items and think about the generosity of our friends and the connection that we have in many things including the love of good food.

September- dried asian pears, fig balsamic, golden honey
October- pumpkin spread, squash seed oil, toasted seeds
November- white truffle oil, black truffle sea salt
December- english breakfast tea, scone mix, clotted cream, strawberry preserves (all from Mother-England!)

Christmas morning will be the first that I will be waking up in my own home (since I was 9) with my husband (ever). I think I will make an international breakfast! French crepes, english scones with clotted cream... any other suggestions for international fare? What other country should I add to the Brit/French breakfast lineup? 

music: Sinatra, Ella, She&Him

xo Love & Light

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  1. Thanks for the awesome shout-out! Your mailbox deliveries made my mouth water! Have a lovely Solstice/Christmas with your amazing husband, and give everyone a hug and kiss for me!